Dorner indexing conveyors are a staple in fast-paced production facilities around the world. We manufacture our indexing conveyors with organization, flexibility, and user experience in mind, because we know that your business hinges on a high-functioning production line.

Indexing Conveyor

Indexing Design

Our versatile indexing conveyor designs combine speed and accuracy to enhance your unique indexing practices. We achieve these results through the creation of precise, custom automation for your sorting, counting, and spacing processes.

Indexing Solutions

Our conveyor belts break production lines into defined steps in order to achieve a variety of custom drive and control options for both high and low volume manufacturing environments. Dorner indexing solutions include

  • Transitioning items through production.
  • Ensuring consistent inventory counts.
  • Grouping products by specified quantities.
  • Rejecting groups with incorrect item counts.
  • Creating specific, even spacing between parts.
  • Positioning products accurately for interface with robotics or other machines, such as manual case packers.
  • Metering products into the next operation.

Dorner’s Precision Move technology offers the most effective and easily implemented indexing solutions available, with the 2200 and 3200 Series conveyors. The 2200 Series Precision Move Conveyor has an internally mounted gear motor and control for space savings and tight workspaces. With a variety of timing belts available, the 3200 Series Precision Move Conveyor not only gives you the flexibility to create your own solution, but also features a fully integrated servo motor. Our Precision Move technology gives you a combination of conveyor and motor sizing that is ideal for handling processes that require accurate time and distance alignment.

Indexing Benefits

Dorner indexing technology provides an immediate return upon implementation with increased productivity levels, a remarkably low margin of error, and more. Other benefits include:

  • Reduces manual labor costs.
  • Minimizes margin of error.
  • Utilizes small footprint in manufacturing facilities.
  • Shortens index periods.
  • Personalized sizing for high or low volume productions.
  • Easily integrates with other technologies.
  • Creates organization for simplified inventory.

Interested In Learning More?

Ready to take the next steps in implementing an indexing conveyor belt into your production environment? All of our conveyor products are custom-designed to fit your company’s specific automation and indexing needs. For a full list of Dorner belt conveyor products, options, and abilities, visit our Engineered Solutions page.

Visit DTools today to explore the possibilities of our indexing conveyors.

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