Product positioning is necessary for processes such as inspection, assembly, and feeding into equipment. Dorner experts have designed a variety of positioning methods and applications in order to provide you with options that will allow you to efficiently achieve the specific results desired for your products.

Timing belt conveyors provide precise belt movement and control. The positive drive and cogged belt ensure worry-free belt tracking. Ideal for accurate part or fixture positioning, they can be used with a variety of drives, including servo drives, to provide precision indexing and positioning.

With numerous controls and accessories available, you can tailor your conveyor system based on the level of accuracy needed for your product positioning conveyor belt. The three primary accessories or add-ons available to choose from include servo drives, shaft encoders, and photo eye kits.

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 Servo Drives
Servo drives can be mounted directly to the conveyor using standard or modified hardware. Feature highlights include the ability to accurately stop the conveyor, allowing precise part location. Servo drives also provide controlled product acceleration and deceleration, making them an effective tool for very accurate assembly operations.
 Shaft Encoders
Shaft encoders are devices that can be mounted directly to the drive shaft of a conveyor. Designed to sense shaft rotation or count pulley revolutions, as well as excessive drag on the conveyor belt, shaft encoders mediate accurate control of the belt in feeding or indexing applications by supplying position feedback to the user's control system.
 Photo Eye Kits
Photo eye kits include a retroreflective sensor, reflector and mounting capabilities (with fully adjustable mounts for the 2200 and 3200 Series conveyors), for 2” and 5” adjustment height ranges. Benefits of photo eye kits include:
  • No weight restrictions
  • Eliminates product hang-ups
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents products from being damaged and reduces line pressure

For all of our conveyor products, Dorner provides quick and convenient pre-configured kits of key service parts. Our fast shipping paired with easy to order parts designed for fast installation guarantees you’ll have exactly what you need when you need it.

Our conveyors have the option of being equipped with Dorner Servo Gearmotors, such as the 2200 Precision Move Conveyor that is designed to accommodate accurate positioning, as well as the 3200, 5200, and 6200 Series standard load gearmotor mounting packages. Several of these are compatible with multiple control features, including indexing drives, variable speed controllers, and Precision Move Servo Motor Controllers.

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