Automation Conveyors

No two production lines are exactly alike, and neither are our Dorner Conveyor automated systems. Custom-designed for each client’s specific needs, our automation technology is the perfect solution for any product line, regardless of the industry. There are over 1,200 industries worldwide that use Dorner Conveyors for their automation needs. Each of these industries have different goals and applications, but rely on the most advanced automation system available. 

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Find the Right Conveyor with Dorner

At Dorner, we don’t just produce conveyor belts - we engineer technology that guides automated solutions. Our products are built for everything from curved, inclined, declined, and Z-frame belts that transport your products from line to line, to conveyors small enough to assist larger machines. It’s all custom designed to perform both dependently and independently within your warehouse structure or facility.

Assembly and Industrial Automation

For years, our Dorner conveyor experts have been developing and producing cutting-edge systems for assembly and industrial needs. These precision move pallet systems are flexible, accurate, versatile, and easy to use. The unique design behind these systems gives them a competitive advantage when it comes to increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime. Our automated systems are proven to reduce costs while saving time and resources with proper configuration. In fact, here at Dorner, we set the industry standard for systems designed around unit handling automation challenges.

Pallet Systems and Precision Move

Don’t leave conveyor automation to chance. Take control with our pallet systems and precision move technology in automation. There are many benefits to applying Dorner’s assembly and industrial automation conveyor technology, such as: 

  • Versatile layout flexibility 
  •  Flexible chains
  •  Accuracy in positioning and routing
  •  Easy design changes
  •  Improved production line efficiency and generation 

The assembly automation market has driven us to create machines that drive automation. Our 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet System conveyor and our SmartFlex Pallet Systems are advanced in pallet traffic management and are specifically designed to increase efficiency, reduce downtime in automation processes, and provide the accurate conveying. 

Our pallet systems provide unique flexibility with extended benefits; line configurations range from high load capacities to quick belt changes and cleanroom certifications. Get accurate positioning and routing with our precision move and pallet systems, designed to streamline assembly processes and inspections. 

Our systems come in kits for those interested in customizing their installation. With our DTools configuration process, you can control each step of the design process from choosing materials to selecting a layout.

Automated Solutions for Any Application

With years of experience, we’re ready to help even if your line faces unique challenges due to difficult or unwieldy product packaging, assembly, industrial, sanitation, incline, or product inspection challenges. We offer a wide selection of product and conveyor solutions that includes: product repositioning conveyor technology, magnetic belt for easy line transportation, or smaller conveyors that work best for line integration. When it comes to fitting your conveyor needs, Dorner has the solution. 

Dorner has engineered numerous conveyor automation innovations such as: 

By transitioning to a updated conveyor, your line could begin operating with an efficiency of 90%. From mechanical design to installation and project management, Dorner Conveyor has the experience and knowledge to work with you to create efficient workflow automation.

What Can Dorner Do To Customize Your Conveyor?

All of our products are designed and tailored to fit all your automation needs. For a full list of our Dorner conveyor products, see our Engineered Solutions Page.

Our conveyors are found in fast-paced production lines around the world. When your assembly line is running smoothly and performing efficiently, your company can move faster and smarter. To find out more about Dorner’s professional automation services, call us today at 1-800-397-8664.

Pallet Systems

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