Increase your productivity by up to 50% when you install one Dorner’s packaging solutions. Don’t let your packaging line become a negative impact on your business. Eliminate unnecessary costs of labor, reduce operational expenses, and do more with a packaging conveyor solution that actually works. With our Dorner products, you can improve your bottom line with high speeds, smooth transfers, and the most efficient automation. Here at Dorner, we strive to help streamline your production lines by providing innovative packaging solutions to best fit your needs. We are proven experts in identifying the right packaging machines for your application.

Accommodating Industry Specific Packaging Solutions

To keep production flowing quickly and seamlessly, your conveyor systems and accessories need to operate at maximum efficiency. Our customized Dorner packaging solutions offer increased flexibility for a more effective production with decreased waste. The modular design of our packaging conveyors are ideal for any industry application and support future needs. They can help control product flow with the ability to merge, divert, route, and pace movement.

Conveyor System Applications

We offer several different lines of packaging solutions to accommodate any product. Our Dorner conveyors’ packaging applications provide you with the ability to optimize labor assets, get accurate, consistent, and safe product routing, and reduce product loss. Dorner experts are trained in designing the right, custom conveyor for all your needs using a wide variety of our conveyor products, like our:  

Dorner conveyors are widely used by packaging companies in a wide range of industries like metal working, material handling, manufacturing, and other non-consumable products. Dorner also caters to the consumable packaging industry by offering USDA certified conveyors, including the only USDA certified modular conveyor series, the 7400 AquaPruf. Find about more about each series on our products page.

Engineered Solutions for Flexible Packaging

Packaging is made easy with Dorner’s flexible product handling solutions. Flexible packages, like bags or pouches, require specific machinery that can be delicate with the products yet efficient. With Dorner, our flexible packing conveyors are available for custom design to fit your efficiency needs for: orientation, rotation, standing up, laying down, 90 degree transfer, and elevation. Dorner has four specific product handling solutions that are ideal for any flexible package handling need. 

  • Vertical Pouch Elevation 
  • Bottom-less Pouch Handling 
  • Pouch Orientation or Turning 
  • Pouch Settling/Flattening 

These flexible engineered solutions are custom-designed to fit the unique packaging needs of any industry application. Our Dorner experts are trained to help configure and design custom conveyors, and can help guide you through the design process.

Dorner’s DTools Applications for Packaging Solutions

Our Dorner DTools is a centralized location for all our conveyor products. Using design tools and software you can custom create the most effective conveyor solution for your application. With DTools, you can create a custom solution with ease. Just signup and then begin designing your new production equipment. 

Register for DTools today to get our exclusive tools like: 

  • Intuitive guides for conveyor build 
  • Part number generation and detailed parts descriptions 
  • Option to submit request for quotation
  • Ability to save your unique configuration for 90 days 
  • Complete 2D and 3D CAD drawings available to download in multiple formats 

Find out more about all the packing solutions that you can create in our literature and manuals. Or, if you’d rather begin the journey to a more optimized and efficient packaging solution, call us today at 800.397.8664.

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