Optimization For Today's Conveyors

Demands on production are a driving force behind the conveying industry manufacturing smart technological conveyor system solutions. Today, conveyor systems are engineered to provide versatility and ease that enhances existing production infrastructures and supports new working environments. These modern conveyor systems are evolved to fulfill the standards and requirements of various fast-paced specialized industries.

The performance of your conveyor system directly affects your bottom line. If you want to ensure that your system is working to the maximum efficiency and producing the highest quality of products, you need a custom-built conveyor solution that is built to fit your needs. 

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Dorner Convoyer Optimization


Facts and Stats to Share:

  • Sorting technologies increase packaging productivity by over 90% when used in tandem with conveyor solutions. 
  • Only 2% of belt conveyors have unplanned outages due to mechanical or electrical issues. 
  • Germany has the fastest conveyor belt system. It’s used in the lignite mines and has a speed of 15 m/second. 
  • Backlit conveyors lower the rate of error by 66%. 
  • Scheduled maintenance is important to keep conveyor systems running at their full potential and decreases the chances of equipment failure, health and safety violations, and accidents. 
  • Dorner Conveyors manufactures the only FDA certified sanitation conveyor.

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