Precision Move Pallet Systems

Innovative, Modular, Dual Belt Conveyor Pallet Systems for Assembly Automation.

Precision Move Pallet Systems

​Our highly advanced Precision Move Pallet System for assembly automation is ideal for increasing efficiency, generation, and precision of pallet traffic. Additionally, it reduces downtime costs that could disrupt production.

Best For:

  • Medium to large sized part movement
  • Product routing and control
  • Product inspection
  • Assembly automation

Sizes & Measurements

  • Widths: 160, 240, 320, 400, and 480 mm
  • Lengths: Up to 24' 7" (7,500 mm)

Loads and Speeds

  • Conveyor Load Capacity
    • 500 lbs non-accumulating
    • 250 lbs accumulated
  • Pallet capacity of 30 to 70 lbs
  • Speeds up to 114 ft/min (34 m/min)


  • Dual Belt conveyors with common drive module
  • 25 mm wide, 5 mm pitch timing belt conveyor
  • Standard or static conductive belting available
  • Aluminum extruded frame with universal T-Slot
  • Quick belt change without conveyor removal


  • 160 mm to 480 mm
  • Industry compatible sizes and brushing locations
  • Static conductive pallet skirt
  • Square and rectangular sizes available
  • Pallets are sold as kits of completed assemblies

Pin Tracking System

  • Simple and cost effective method of tracking pallets through turns
  • Used on 90 Degree Corner and 90 Degree Corner & Merge Modules

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